Dance Journalism Residencies


Dance Metro DC will engage with a four journalists to be paired with four separate professional dance artists/companies for the duration of a three month period. The journalists will receive a modest honorarium and will engage with their respective artist partners through open rehearsals and performances, interviews and research. Dance Metro DC will publish all writings from this program through online channels including Dance Metro DC’s website and blog.

Dance Journalism Residency Program Goal:

  • To strengthen the field of dance journalism throughout the DC area

Dance Journalism Residency Objectives:

  • To engage writers and journalists with professional dance artists/companies over time in order to enhance the journalistic skills of the writers, and the development of a dance artist or company over time.
  • To provide thoughtful and informed dance writing about professional DC area dance artists and companies in order to strengthen the discourse about dance in our region.

Dance Journalism Residency Program Description:

Journalists will be required to produce the following written documents, which will be published through online channels including Dance Metro DC’s website and blog:

  • 500 word artist / company overview
  • 1,000 word overview of a current creative work that the artist partner is developing
  • 500 word Preview of a work to be presented by the artist partner during the season
  • 500 word Review of a public performance presented of another artist partner during the season

In addition, each Journalist will receive a total honorarium of $500 for their participation and engagement with this program.

Dance Journalism Residency Program Impact:

This program directly addresses an identified need for the development of informed and articulate dance writers in the DC area dance community.