Space for Dance and Dancers

A partnership with Artomatic, Contradiction Dance, Cultural DC, Dance Metro DC and ReCreative Spaces


On Thursday, January 22, Dance Metro DC hosted an Open Space dialogue facilitated by Leslie Zucker. The event took place at Cultural DC / Flashpoint and was an opportunity for members of the dance community to engage with each other about the important issues around space for dance and dancers.

Results of the conversation will be provided to the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, Cultural DC, Dance Metro DC and dance companies, presenters, and artists in the DC area. Information is intended to be used in decision making and strategic planning for grantmaking, mapping, and development purposes towards a stronger DC area dance community and a more informed network of institutional support for dance in our region.

A PDF document containing notes and results from the conversations is available here:

01-22-15 Space for Dance and Dancers

Open Space 01-22-15