REVIEW: Martha Graham Dance Company from Critical Dance

Martha Graham Dance Company
Dark Meadow Suite, Clytemnestra (Act II), Maple Leaf Rag, Mosaic

George Mason Center for the Arts
Fairfax, VA

Review by Christina Lindenmuth 

We all know the name Martha Graham. “Er, yes, of course,” was my response. “She was that lady who created modern dance, right? With the big skirt?”

I felt like an outcast among lifetime followers of her work in the audience, many of whom would probably scoff at my lack of dance history knowledge. My inexperience seemed like a setback at first until I realized, unlike most of the mature audience members, I would have the unique pleasure of watching the Martha Graham Dance Company with virgin eyes.

The performers took the stage for Dark Meadow Suite, and as they started to dance I got the same feeling as if I were watching a prequel to an epic movie, an origin story, and excitedly connected the dots of past to present in my head. The movement style that characterizes Martha Graham — the flexed feet, the hunched backs, the audible exhales, the dramatics, all of which are so commonly used in modern dance today — were performed in such a way by the dancers that I was as captivated as if I had never seen this style of dancing before.

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