PREVIEW: “Transcendence” by Nomadic Artist at Joy of Motion

From the DC Dance Journalism Project

Preview: “Transcendence” by Nomadic Artist at Joy of Motion
by Michelle Hayes

Nomadic Artist’s Transcendence reveals the honest truth to human connection through strength and relation. The show is a collaborative evening with eight pieces choreographed by guest artists and company members on October 1st at 8pm at the Jack Guidone Theatre. I was able to attend a rehearsal run of this show to get a peek at what they will be presenting this weekend.

The through line of the show is Nomadic Artist’s perspective on human experiences. The artists share their individual stories through honest emotion, human connection, and the commitment of movement.  The dancers are beautifully and well-rehearsed in their articulation of detailed movement, clear character roles, and the physicality of the choreography. The dancers and choreographers are invested in creating a clear and precise story, with each piece drawing me into the world they create.

Potissimum creates strong character roles through movement and expression to tell the Greek myth, Golden Apple. It left questions for me regarding how society impacts the view of ourselves. The piece embodies the society we live in and the view of women, who often bring each other down through insecurities. The choreographer tells a story where the dancers rise above these insecurities.

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you or following you? Could you feel something bringing you down but couldn’t put your finger on the reason for this weight? fantasma, a quartet choreographed by Michelle Murgia, embodies this haunting feeling of a ghost or emotions from a tragic experience lingering behind you. The piece, as Murgia quotes, puts the “intensely traumatic into physical form.”

The last piece of the show sticks in my mind the most. Choreographed by founder Ashley Richardson, just Be encapsulates the idea of really taking the time to just be in life: Richardson wants you to “learn who you are,” and “let the inner light shine.”

The close-knit relations between the dancers are evident in the characters they build in Nomadic Artist’s work. Each dancer brings their whole and true self to convey the specific human experience. It is clear the artists of Nomadic Artist are passionate about sharing and processing life with others. I left with a sense of knowing we are all a part of this human race and struggle with similar hardships of discovering our self and our role in society.

You will not want to miss this show about human experiences that will leave you continuing to ask questions about relationships and world that we live in. Come see for yourself!

Saturday October 1, 2016 @ 8pm

Jack Guidone Theatre
Joy of Motion Friendship Heights
5207 Wisconsin Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20015

$15-18 online
$18-20 at the door

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