PREVIEW: DNA After Dark Showcase at 9:30 Club

From the DC Dance Journalism Project

Preview: DNA After Dark Showcase by Fierce Collabo Dance Company
by Kacie Peterson

Ferez. Ferce. Heftig. Fierce.

But in the language of hip-hop dance, fierce doesn’t even begin to describe the women of Fierce Collabo Dance Company.

Executive Director LaToya McKay, Assistant Director Christina Huertas and the women of Fierce Collabo Dance Company (FCDC) present DNA After Dark “Unchained” Choreographers Showcase, Sunday, August 28, beginning at 9 p.m. at the 9:30 Club.

The event, open to adults 18+ only, in its second year, continues to provide an opportunity for presentation, performance, networking and giving back to the surrounding DMV community.

The women of FCDC will open the Showcase with choreography by Huertas and a Rihanna remix by McKay. A very high standard will be set. They take the stage shortly after the doors open at 9 p.m. In other words, you don’t want to be late.

The Showcase first got its start when Fierce Collabo realized that the DMV was missing a large hip-hop showcase gathering, of which are mainstream industry events in New York and Los Angeles. Thus the Distinct Nature of Artists was born.

While the Showcase fills its ranks with open submissions, Fierce Collabo invites out-of-town artists in order to provide an opportunity for dancers, choreographers and performers to network with others in and out of the DMV dance community.

“Unchained” boasts an impressive line-up of 20 teams, crews, companies and soloists from the DMV region and beyond. If you attended the first-ever showcase last year, you won’t be seeing repeat performers on the 9:30 Club stage. With your ticket, you’ll witness all kind of styles of hip-hop under one roof. Vogueing. Wacking. Pole dancing. You name it – you’ll most likely see it.

“We look for great energy, stage-presence and if the choreography fits the show,” Huertas said. “We look diverse hip-hop styles, people with new hype and energy and who are creative in being sexy in their own way.”

Huertas is most excited to welcome a group of krumpers to the Showcase stage this year. For those of you out-of-the-loop, krumpers are not your grandmother’s tea-time treats. Krumping is a street dance characterized with high-energy, exaggerated freeform and expression.

Now, you might find yourself wondering why is FCDC dancers are only gracing the stage once in their own Showcase. The answer is simple. Who runs the world? Girls. Company members are performing and running the show. Like I said, fierce doesn’t begin to describe these women.

These women are saucy. These women are the severe essence of cool.

And they’re going to grab your attention from the moment the lights go on. Like I said, don’t be late! You’ll miss the first few moments, which are guaranteed to be what everyone will be talking about at the work water cooler on Monday morning.

Throughout the piece, watch for their transitions. The Fierce Collabo women know how to sway through the sensual moves of the piece and hit their marks with a sharp boom boom HA!

Huertas described FCDC dancers as fierce, confident, and exciting. I’ll add my two cents: they’re indulgently dynamic.

Individual company members are highlighted, allowing them to display their unique talents with a dramatic freestyle, which only adds to the overall piece.

Huertas builds her choreography based on the dancers in the company and what is going to make them look good and accentuate their individual talents, she said.

“We train from the beginning of the season to the Showcase,” Huertas said. “I want to create a piece where the dancers have fun being sexy, being confident and it’s a crowd pleaser.”

DNA serves a dual purpose for Fierce Collabo, acting as both the end-of-year performance for company members, but also drumming up excitement for the first set of company auditions in October.

Spoiler alert: you’ll want to show up for auditions after you see the opening act.

This is not an event you want to miss. Get there early! Doors open at 9 p.m. with Fierce Collabo taking the stage shortly after. The party goes on until 2 a.m. You might have a Case of the Mondays, but I promise you, it will be worth it.

Proceeds from this year’s Distinct Nature of Artists Showcase benefit the Lupus Foundation.

Event details:
Sunday, August 28
9:30 Club
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Ages 18+
Tickets available at: