REVIEW: Interfusion Festival at Dance Loft on 14

From the DC Dance Journalism Project

Review: “Interfusion Festival Showcase”
by Michelle Hayes

Photos by Peter Chuong Photography2 The Interfusion Festival occurred Aug 6 & 7 at Dance Loft on 14, and it was a weekend
packed full of workshops, classes and dance socials. According to their promotions, Interfusion is about “creating a safe space for self-exploration, expression, play and connection.” As I arrived for the performance late Saturday evening this was very evident in the busy-ness of the studio. At the scheduled start time of the evening performance, festival attendees were practicing what seemed to be the social dance skills they had learned during the earlier workshops. There was a DJ playing loud salsa music as people played around and explored their dance moves.

Time went on and the show was still nowhere in sight of starting. As I waited for the show, a few people very invitingly asked me to salsa. Although this was fun and the energy was contagious, it was not the event I had planned to attend. The event staff seemed very unorganized; by 11:20pm, the 10pm showcase had still not begun. There was little regard for the schedule of the evening.

ThePhotos by Peter Chuong Photography space brought together people of different cultures, races and genders to appreciate dance and movement. The professional dancers in attendance were highly skilled, moving with quick feet and slight seduction. Couples danced with intimacy and closeness, focusing on each other until the song changed and it was time to switch partners. As I watched the couples dance salsa and bachata, I remembered how important cultural and social dance is. While the extremely delayed start time of the showcase made this event less than ideal for someone just coming to see a show, Interfusion did succeed in providing a place for dancers – professional and amateur – to explore and play. The Interfusion Festival was an event that brought people of all walks of life together to celebrate different social dances from different cultures.

[All photos by Peter Chuong Photography]