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Sunflxw Salutations

February 16, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunflxw Salutations is a movement and meditation experience taught by Shaiday Dancy also known as Sunflxw.

You’re invited to enjoy the beautiful vibe created by Sunflxw including a mix of delightful aromatherapy, light health-conscious refreshments, tension-relieving practices, and help removing and breaking down your mental blocks.

Each participant will receive a workbook at the beginning of class with special messages and journal prompts. This intentional writing practice will serve as a source of energy through meditation warm-up. Sunflxw will also dive deep into some self-care practices and aids such as essential oils. After meditation, practitioners will flex, lengthen, and stretch muscles through yoga flows to eventually build and develop a phrase that connects the body and mind to dance movement.

Experience the peace that dwells within; learn to trust, listen, and move while stilling your mind.

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Early Bird $10 Regular Tickets $16
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