Dancing By The Power: Movement Matters

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Dancing By The Power: Movement Matters 

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Founded in 2003 by mother and daughter team, Pauline and Ronya-Lee Anderson, Dancing by the Power: Movement Matters, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, sacred dance organization comprised of an adult company as well as children and youth ensembles.  Dedicated to the transformation of lives through performing arts ministry , namely sacred dance, poetry and pageantry, DPM offers instruction in various dance techniques, scripture study, opportunities to minister, coupled with local missions and retreats.  DPM also sponsors workshops, lectures and classes on the art of sacred dance, seeking to offer communities opportunities to experience God through movement.  Under the artistic direction of Ronya-Lee Anderson, the company has shared work at community centers, churches, and local theaters such as the Publick Playhouse, the Atlas Theater, the Harman Center, the Sylvan Theater and the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center as part of the 28th Annual Choreographer’s Showcase.  Integrating movement, song and the spoken word, DPM strives to create prophetically powerful pieces that serve as vessels of transformation, healing and awareness. ​