Ngoma Center for Dance / Dissonance Dance Theatre

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Member since March 11, 2014

Ngoma Center for Dance (N-Go-mah) is a 501(c)3 arts organization founded in 2012 by Founder Shawn Short to provide minority youth, adults, and their enthusiast, with a deeper understanding of dance as an art form and a discipline. Its mission and goal is to produce and refine competitive level dance artists in a multicultural environment through its resident dance company Dissonance Dance Theatre (founded in 2007), Africanistic dance training, Ngoma Reader Magazine, in house professional career coaching, and artists development.

Dissonance Dance Theatre (2007) is the award-winning flagship professional dance company of Ngoma Center for Dance. Dissonance brings with it professional dancers who inspire, interact with, educate and entertain Ngoma Center for Dance students — as well as the Washington, D.C., community-at-large. Dissonance Dance Theatre serves as an ambassador for Ngoma local and nationally. Moreover, Dissonance provides emerging choreographers of merit the opportunity to work with professional dancers within the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and to further their development as artists. The company uses dance to challenge what audiences assume about the human experience, and develops contemporary and classically trained artists.

Ngoma Reader Magazine is the brainchild of Ngoma Center for Dance/Dissonance Dance Theatre Founder Shawn Short. Ngoma Reader was launched in December 2013.

The Ngoma Reader (NR) is a Bi-monthly online publication that gives literary voice to minority dance artists of Washington, D.C. NR speaks through three core components: Community (D.C. Dance Directory), Awareness (Shows, Events, Projects, Season Announcements), Celebration (History, Spotlights).

NR is a literary program under 501(c)3 non-profit Ngoma Center for Dance. Ngoma (N-Go-mah) Center for Dance is located in Ward 7 “East of the River”.