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MusiKinesis® merges music and dance in fresh ways. For dancers, the process develops profound awareness of time, shape and dynamics in movement based on aural perception of music. The insights that result add clarity and nuance to dance performance from the barre to the stage. 

As a teaching tool and curriculum, MusiKinesis® is a contemporary American approach to the century-old Swiss Jaques-Dalcroze method. Exercises involve dancers in perceptive listening, physical response, applications to dance vocabulary, improvisation and choreographic studies. Teachers will discover techniques and strategies for students of all ages and levels, preschool through professional. Benefits include:·       Rhythmic skills and understanding·       Nuanced musicality in performance·       Introduction to music for your playlist·       Teaching ideas and materials·       Improved communication with musicians·       Expanded teaching opportunities

MusiKinesis® was founded by dancer, musician and Dalcroze specialist Monica Dale. Weekend workshops are offered occasionally during the year, and Certificate courses are available during the summer. Classes are open to both musicians and dancers. Visit for further information and resources.

Monica Dale (BA Connecticut College, MM Piano, Ithaca College, Dalcroze License) has worked as a professional dancer, choreographer, pianist, and Dalcroze specialist. She studied dance at the studios of Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, and Robert Joffrey as well as the American Dance Festival and Jacob’s Pillow. Monica’s teaching career has spanned a broad range of ages, levels and disciplines in both dance and music. She has presented sessions for major national dance and music teachers’ conferences, guest courses for institutions and intensive teacher-training courses in Dalcroze and MusiKinesis®. Monica has published seven books including her Eurhythmics for Young Children series and an iBook, as well as numerous articles for professional journals. She teaches each summer at the Eastman School of Music, Kennedy Center, and in her Maryland MusiKinesis Institute. The rest of the year, she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Movement for Opera at Peabody Institute, serves as the Music Director of the Dance Department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she teaches her unique Music for Dance course, and teaches young children in an inner-city Baltimore school through the BSO’s OrchKids program.

The term “MusiKinesis” (as well as MusiKinetics and MusiKinesthesia) was coined by Monica Dale to encompass a range of music and dance connections and work – education, performance, composition.