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About Kalanidhi Dance

Founded in 1991 by Anuradha Nehru, Kalanidhi Dance is a non-profit organization 501(c)3,
that is committed to the preservation, promotion and education of Kuchipudi dance, an
Indian Classical dance style that originated in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our Vision is to create a community of passionate Indian Classical  dancers
and dance lovers in the United States, and to serve as a cultural center for
fostering and presenting traditional Indian Classical dance, while pushing
its boundaries and exploring new horizons.

Our Mission is to nurture excellence and
creativity in Indian classical dance and
seek to reach new audiences by

  • Showcasing the beauty, complexity
    and depth of Kuchipudi
  • Offering the highest quality training
    in Kuchipudi
  • Serving as a premier dance company
  • Promoting collaboration and innovation in artistic

Kalanidhi Dance has captivated audiences in the U.S. and
around the world, demystifying the rich and ancient tradition
of Kuchipudi dance through exquisitely conceptualized and
choreographed performances. It has also trained and developed
new generations of Kuchipudi dancers in the U.S, while touring
with them across the country and in India and South East Asia.
Kalanidhi Dance aspires to maintain an uncompromising commitment
to the highest standards of the Indian classical dance tradition while
pushing its boundaries to experiment with different forms of artistic
expression in dance to access new audiences.