Dancing with Markers

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Hold the space for discovery and connection as individuals and teams work towards their visions and achieve their goals.

Three Tool-kits:

Dance, communications, and organization development are my triple backgrounds that have culminated in my role as a visual practitioner. From dance, I draw on my creativity, joy in movement, energy and passion. From communications, I draw on my ability to form messaging, drive branding, and engage audiences. From organization development, I draw on an understanding of group dynamics, change, and building high-performing teams. With these three tool kits in tow, I have helped groups I work with create strategic visions; map challenges; and design their unique image and message.

Personal Values:

Compassion, inclusion, empowerment, curiosity, grace, independence, hope, connection, artistry, energy, wisdom, integrity, courage, altruism, passion, patience

About Lauren Green

Lauren Green is practicing graphic facilitator and coach with backgrounds in performing arts, organization development and communications. Lauren specializes in coaching and facilitating with visual templates and embodied experiences. Lauren holds a master’s in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University (2016). Her graduate work includes special concentrations in group dynamics; collaborative technology; knowledge management; self-leadership; diversity and inclusion; and Appreciative Inquiry. Lauren is also a CTI-trained coach and is currently working towards her CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) certification.

In addition to her organization development work in the defense contracting space, Lauren has managed online communities for several organizations that span the performing arts, animal welfare, education, and hospitality fields. Lauren enjoys applying performance metaphors and mind-body techniques to her current work. She aims to create an engaging and energized experience for every group that she facilitates.