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Member since January 29, 2018

DancEthos was founded in 2010 by Tiffany Haughn. This Washington, DC based contemporary dance company strives to create and present dance that can be communicative and healing for both the artists and the audience. By making dances that reflect the beliefs and spirit of our culture, DancEthos works towards representing the true purpose of art in reducing the distance between two people.

DancEthos is committed to fostering dialogue through dance and broadening the DC metropolitan dance audience base. By creating and presenting work that is accessible to the non-dancer audience member, DancEthos hopes to encourage conversations not only about the intent and meaning of each individual dance, but also about dance itself and the role it can play in our lives. Believing that each dance is not complete until it is witnessed, the DancEthos choreographers feel it is our responsibility as artists to supply our viewers with the information and inspiration they need in order to come away from a performance feeling they were able to digest and to personalize the work they viewed. We do this by offering: detailed program notes, text read aloud before or during the dances, Q & A discussions with choreographers and other tactics to help audiences understand the intent behind the art.

DancEthos is not a company that only represents the director’s voice and vision. DancEthos offers opportunities to company members and other guest artists to share their craft by allowing multiple choreographers each season to present their work in our performances. The company also collaborates with other dance companies and musicians in presenting shared performances in order to build a stronger and more connected arts community in the metropolitan DC area.

Another important aspect of DancEthos is the goal to bring dance to communities that are underexposed to the arts by offering free and accessible performances throughout the year. Some examples of this are performances at: Dance in the Circle, Artomatic, Dance is the Answer and the Art Notes Series.