Dance Loft on 14

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We are a space for creativity.

The Loft is an interdisciplinary space, a home for actors and musicians; for visual artists; for the professional artist and the novice alike. It is a place to train, a place to rehearse, a place to present, a place to gather, a place for Ward 4 and the arts community to call home.


Professional. Affordable. Spacious. Convenient. As a new arts institution, Dance Loft on 14 will catalyze art and vibrancy in Washington, DC’s Central 14th Street area. Serving the city-wide dance community and its local neighborhood, Dance Loft on 14 will offer rehearsal space high-quality dance programming in a historic loft with spacious studios. Founded by Diana Movius, the studio aims to be home to arts groups around the region.


  • Classes:  For professional and serious dance students over the age of 18, DanceLoft offers drop-in classes with sought-after teachers at the advanced levels.
  • Community: For our neighborhood community and recreational dancers, DanceLoft will offer lessons in Zumba, social dance, and other movement arts.
  • Affordable space for the creation of art:  For dance and theater companies in need of rehearsal space, DanceLoft will offer consistently affordable studio rentals during convenient times, such as weekday nights and weekends.
  • A neighborhood arts hub:  A variety of community arts events and choreographic showings will be highlighted throughout the year.