Mission, Vision and History

Mission Statement
The mission of Dance Metro DC is to strengthen the field of dance in the national capital region. We accomplish this through support, promotion, education, convening and advocacy for individuals and organizations in the professional field of dance.

Vision Statement
Dance contributes significantly to the economic and cultural vitality of the DC metropolitan area.

Values Statement

Cultural Equity and Diversity
We strive for diversity and equity through all aspects of our work. We are committed to ensuring equitable inclusion in and access to all of our programs and services.

Collaboration and Partnership
We believe in the cultivation of partnerships towards the development of social capital and shared resources for the regional dance community.

Leadership Cultivation
We seek to nurture leadership in dance.

Innovation and Empowerment
We are committed to fostering innovation in dance and empowering dance professionals to succeed.


In 2003, Dance/USA conducted a needs assessment study on behalf of the DC Metro area’s dance community. In response to the study’s findings, which included a need for sustained leadership and centralized services to strengthen the field of dance in the region, Dance Metro DC was established in 2005 as a branch of Dance/USA.

In March of 2011, Dance Metro DC established itself as an independent arts service organization. An advisory committee of stakeholders in the dance community established a Board of Directors and incorporated in Washington, DC as a non-profit organization. As of March 2012, Dance Metro DC received its determination for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Since its inception in 2005, Dance Metro DC has been working to foster an environment in the DC metropolitan area where the professional field of dance can thrive.