Job Posting: ChoreoNova Call for Latin ballroom/contemporary dancer

Job Posting

ChoreoNova Call for Latin ballroom/contemporary dancer for multimedia project-paid Fall 2019

TBD between August and October 2019

Venue: TBD – touring

ChoreoNova is an award-winning contemporary dance company. Our works empower people. We perform regionally and produce innovative multidisciplinary works that make people think and feel.

We are looking for a female Latin ballroom/contemporary dancer for the lead role in “Ode to Chocolate Cake” for a performance next fall 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA and/or Virginia. The piece comedically displays a dieting, diabetic woman chased, seduced, and haunted by a living slice of chocolate cake.

“Cake” combines dance with projected animation. Check out ChoreoNovaMoves videos on Facebook to see work-in-progress.

If you can make audiences live and breathe with you, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Estimated 40-60 hours of rehearsal over a two-week period either in Pittsburgh, PA or in Virginia. Rehearsal and performance paid – amount to be negotiated. Exact location TBD.

Accommodations will be provided.

All races and ethnicities welcome! Ideally, we need someone who looks like they could be dieting. You must have acting ability and skill in tango, paso doble, ballet, modern, and jazz and a flexible back.

If interested, please send resume’/video to:
Davida Rae, AD
(412) 452-3956

Don’t worry about video quality. Please identify yourself in footage.

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