Performance: DANCE BAND @ The Shed Gallery DC


The Shed Gallery DC


Saturday, November 11, 2017. Time TBD

The Shed Gallery at the Bathtub Republic
2511 10th Street NE

The Shed Gallery – a multi-disciplinary art space in NE DC – is creating a show called DANCE BAND. The concept is to pair 3 DMV bands paired with 3 DMV dance companies/choreographers to create a unique performance experience.

The Shed is a two sided garage –  a band will be on one side and a dance group on the other, with the audience seated on the driveway, watching both performances at once. Bands will select 20 minute sets, and the dancers will create a 20 minute piece that matches their band’s music. We will facilitate the initial collaboration between bands / dancers, but the extent of the collaboration will then be up to each pairing!

If you are a Dance Company / choreographer and want to perform – email us at with your interest and link to your work.

If you are a Band and want to play – please email with your interest and send recordings of your desire songs / set.

If you are in a Band or Dance Company and want to specifically work with another Dance Company or Band, please jointly contact us.

Send us an email by September 20th to express your interest, and we will let you know if you are in by September 27th. The date of the show is November 11th!

A modest honorarium will be provided.

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