District Dance Theatre is looking for male and female dancers

Supporting Unstoppable Young Women Since 2010
Dancing with District Dance Theatre

District Dance Theatre Values Based Job Description 9-2017 [PDF]

Megan Lynn, Artistic Director
District Dance Theatre

What makes District Dance different?
Our amazing community of teachers, staff, dancers, and their families! By working as a team to promote the confidence and independence of young women throughout our community, we inspire the next generation of leaders! That’s a big task, but we are up for the challenge.

Our mission is to empower girls and young woman to become leaders so that, in any endeavor, they are UNSTOPPABLE.

Dancing with District Dance Theatre
District Dance Theatre is looking for male and female dancers for its inaugural 2017 – 2018 Season. Dancers should be athletic and versatile, with a strong background in ballet and modern. Pointe experience is preferred, but not required. Dancers will be working in tandem with the studio’s ballet program students and the community throughout the year at various performances and community outreach events.

Through our comprehensive dance education program, we strive to encourage, empower and create positive, confident leaders of the next generation.

Outcomes and How Success will be Measured:

✓ Successful rehearsals throughout the dance season
✓ Attendance in weekly ballet class
✓ Participation in community outreach
✓ An enthusiastic and energetic approach to performance opportunities

District Dance Theatre Dancers:

  • ✓  Have a desire to further their dance training.
  • ✓  Have experience working with children in an education setting.
  • ✓  Have a passion for children and the performing arts.
  • ✓  Aim for excellence in their technical training.
  • ✓  Build strong connections with dancers and their families.
  • ✓  Thrive to provide an amazing performance experience.
  • ✓  Believe in continuous education for themselves and growing as a dancer.
  • ✓  Are willing and able to make a year or longer commitment, barring the unexpected.
  • ✓  Care about being part of a team and will enthusiastically participate in all rehearsals and contribute to the living of the studio values across every touchpoint in the student experience.

We promote these values for our students, teachers and studio family…
Confidence● Connection● Commitment● Creativity● Community


We strive to build confidence in each and every one of our dancers by encouraging them and showing unending support. At District Dance Co., we think confidence is a beautiful quality that will shape our children’s lives.


District Dance Co. is all about bringing together our students, and linking them up with the individualized support they need to feel connected to one another, their bodies, and their dance practice. The more connected students feel, them more joy they get from dancing.


We are not only committed to our students, we teach our students to be committed to their dance classes. Commitment is a life-long skill that we promote and foster from day one.


Dance is a fun and exciting form of artistic expression and creativity. We love watching our dancers explore movement, music, and rhythm, and encourage creativity at all levels.


Our studio is like our family. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll feel a strong sense of community. The community we’ve built and nurture each day — through regular communication with parents, a sense of identity and pride, and our well-loved dance performances — is the cornerstone of what makes District Dance Co. a special place.


Benefits of Working at District Dance

The Environment
We pride ourselves on having an open, family-friendly, incredibly fun atmosphere. After all, we have the greatest jobs in the world!

The Mission
Nothing gives us greater joy than supporting girls and young women. Knowing we are making a difference in their lives every day brings us so much joy!

Income Potential
Our dance theatre members are rewarded for their hard work through competitive compensation. In addition, members have the opportunity to add to their income by teaching Tutu Prep Outreach classes, substitute teaching at the studio, hosting birthday parties, attending events, and hosting playdates and demo classes.

Focus on What You Love
Our administrative team handles all the behind the curtain details so you can do what you love – dance!

Professional Development
We will hold weekly ballet classes for our dance theatre members!

A Studio with a Plan
We schedule all holiday breaks, recitals, special events, and performances in advance making it easy for you to make plans in and out of the studio.

A Program with Purpose
Through expert guidance, our team of teachers work together to build lesson plans that are clear, progress focused and appropriate for each age and level of class we offer.

Role and Responsibilities of District Dance Theatre Dancers Performing Opportunities:

  • ✓  Wizard of Oz Ballet – casted in principal and solo dance roles
    o Sunday March 18, 2018 2:00 pm | Cultural Arts Center, Takoma Park, MD
  • ✓  District Dance Spring Recital – The entire cast will perform one number from the Wizard of Oz Ballet in the spring recital.o Sunday, June 10, 2018 (all day) | Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center, Rockville, MD
  • ✓  Additional performing opportunities still being determined Rehearsal Responsibilities:✓ Must have flexibility to be available on Saturdays 1:00 – 4:00 pm, January – mid-March. ✓ Must be available for company class and rehearsals on Friday evenings
    ✓ Dress & Tech Rehearsal – Saturday March 17 from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pmDancer’s Responsibilities to Colleagues:✓ Offering mutual respect
    ✓ Giving support
    ✓ Engaging in open communication
    ✓ Interacting in a non-threatening, collegial manner
    ✓ Using diplomacy in interpersonal interactions
    ✓ Behaving in a professional, ethical wayDancer’s Responsibilities to the Community:

    ✓ Educating the community through performances at public events, arts festivals, etc.
    ✓ Demonstrating professional conduct as a positive reflection on the dance education field
    ✓ Offering criteria for being respectful, appropriate audience members

    Dancer’s Responsibilities to Themselves:

  • ✓  Engaging in continuing education and professional development activities
  • ✓  Gaining leadership through membership in local and state organizations
  • ✓  Maintaining personal health (proper rest, nutrition, stress management)
  • ✓  Giving themselves permission to profit from their expertise
  • ✓  Fostering a self-concept as a valuable person, educator, and artist
  • ✓  Believing that they can command respect and authority because of experience, training,education, and affiliation

Position Details

District Dance Theatre is looking for male and female dancers for its inaugural 2017–2018 Season. Dancers should be athletic and versatile, with a strong background in ballet and modern. Pointe experience is preferred, but not required. Dancers will be working in tandem with the studio’s ballet program students and the community throughout the year.

If this feels like an opportunity that would make your career dreams come true, please submit your headshot, resume, and any reels or dance links if available to programs@districtdanceco.com. Potential candidates will be contacted with further information about the audition.

DDT dancers will be compensated as follows:
✓ Per performance day
✓ Per outreach event scheduled and attended
✓ Per rehearsal block in attendance
✓ Free weekly company class

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