Dance Loft Photography Workshop for Dancers

Dance Loft Photography Workshop for Dancers

May 14th 2-6pm

Dance Loft on 14
4618 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Dance Loft on 14 is currently working on a project for photography and ballet. The idea is to teach photographers how to interact and collaborate with ballet dancers, and capture the best images of dance and movement.

You will be instructed on how to relate and work with photographers, to understand what the photographer needs and expects from the dancer, and how to position yourself in relation to the photographer. We will receive professional coaching from a ballet dancer– who will explain what you will need– from posing and choosing poses to flatter your technique, to communicating with photographers.

Dance Loft’s dance photography workshop is being led by Ramaciandra Carta, who has been working with dancers for the past 6 years. Please find his work here:

The idea is to have a minimum of a 4-hour workshop. For dancers, the rate to participate- to off-set costs- would be $20/hour. The end result would benefit both the photographers and dancers by adding to their portfolios, knowledge of ballet, photography, and modeling.

Dance Loft is tentatively planning to hold the first workshop on Saturday May 14th, 2-6pm. Reach out to Etta Rulcher at etta if interested even if May 14th doesn’t work for your schedule

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