Dance Injury Workshop. (from Danelle Dickson PT, DPT, OCS)

Dance Injury Workshop
Danelle Dickson  PT, DPT, OCS
Performance Plus Physical Therapy

Saturday, August 27 at Dance Place

Update on the  Dance Injury Workshop Series
This event has been rescheduled to:

Saturday, September 18, 2016 (time TBD)

Why?: This has been rescheduled to accommodate the schedule of students in the fall school semester. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our goal!  To share this important information with as many serious dancers as possible, to make sure you have the tools to get through the semester without pain or injuries!

If you had a previous schedule conflict (vacation, performance, life!:), here’s your chance to take advantage of this tool to get you to the next level!! Look out for additional information and details regarding this event. 

Here’s an opportunity for you to learn important information that can directly benefit you and your dance community.

On Sat August 27th, at Dance Place, Performance Plus Physical Therapy will be presenting the first in a series of workshops called the Dance Injury Workshop Series.

This first installation will focus on Pre-Semester injury Tips, and the Foot and Ankle. It will focus on

  • Dancer psychology and why we get injured
  • Common injuries of the foot and ankle
  • Easy prevention tips to stop injuries from occurring and how to treat minor injuries
  • How to recognise injuries and when to get help

This is a lecture/demonstration forum with a Question and Answer sections and at the end. So please come prepared to move a bit!

This is an excellent opportunity to start the conversation that noone else is having – why do dancers get injured and how do we prevent it!

Ensure the longevity of your career by getting the information they need to stay injury free and keep dancing!!

Click here to sign up – Spaces are limited and early registration ends on Thursday, August 25th.

Feel free to share with someone in need of help!! Let’s keep each other dancing!

Danelle DicksonDanelle Dickson PT,DPT,OCS
Performance Plus Physical Therapy

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