Vibe Tribe Auditions


Vibe Tribe Auditions, 5-8 grade hip hop dancers
Joy of Motion Dance Center

December 13, 2015 at 3-4pm

Joy of Motion Dance Center, Atlas
1333 H St NE
Washinton, DC 20002

Vibe Tribe is the resident youth Hip Hop company at Joy of Motion Dance Center’s Atlas studio location for grades 3rd – 8th. The company is about building community and making connections with others. The company not only performs popping, house, Hip Hop, and waacking, but also explores the culture and origins of these dance forms. Through their performances, Vibe Tribe inspires youth in the community to view Hip Hop and other urban dance styles as a positive, creative way to understand each other and to express one’s self. The company is directed by Malaika Tate-Scott.

Check out their experiences working in the company here:

Please email H.Y.P.E. Program director, Alana Hill, for more information at

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