305 Fitness Seeks Instructor for Dance Cardio Classes

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305 Fitness Instructor

Once we review applications, selected candidates will be invited to audition. We encourage all invited candidates to take our class before auditioning to get a sense for the style. We will have a Master Class (free, open to all selected candidates) on Friday, August 8 at 7am. If you cannot make it, we suggest you email us to find an appropriate time to take class.

Small group auditions will take place in the afternoon of Saturday, August 9th from 2 to 5pm. Candidates are slotted into 15-minute small group auditions. There is nothing to prepare for the audition other than having taken class in advance. We simply want to see you do basic moves (grapevine, step-touch) in your own style, as if you were leading a class. Please bring sneakers/street shoes and clothes you are comfortable moving in. No make-up or costumes, please. If you’d like to get a sense for our look, please check out our video on the homepage. Callbacks will be Sunday, August 10th in the afternoon.

305 Fitness in BodySmith Gym
near Logan Circle


We are seeking our next badass instructor to teach our lively dance cardio classes. No fitness experience required. Looking for energetic, smart, creative, and fun-loving dancers. We only consider applicants with dance experience who have no full-time work commitments. You must be able to commit 10-15 weekly hours during training.

A position as a ((305)) Instructor is the perfect compliment to your performing career. Our classes are fun and lively to teach. You dance, jump, and bring life to the classroom, inspiring non-dancers to move their bodies. Educationally, our extensive training program — at no cost to you — also offers a unique foot in the door into the world of fitness that costs trainers thousands of dollars to attain on their own. The hours are consistent and part-time. We are highly supportive of artists and traveling schedules.

Please send a resume and headshot to info to schedule an audition.
The subject line should read “Instructor Audition” and should include your name.

The email should contain:
A brief (one paragraph) description of why you are interested
Resume attached (pdf preferred)
Headshot attached (jpeg preferred)

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