Student Scholarships to attend Conference – Aug. 1st Deadline to apply

From: “Melissa Greenblatt (mgreenblatt)” <mailer>
Subject: [NDEO Hi Ed] Student Scholarships to attend Conference
Aug. 1st Deadline to apply

Professors, remind your students to apply now for a scholarship to defray costs to attend NDEO’s 2014 National Conference in Chicago. Deadline to apply is August 1st.

NDEO is proud to offer an annual scholarship to one highly qualified dance or dance education Undergraduate student (pursuing a Bachelors) and one Graduate student (pursuing a Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts, or Master of Education) to help defray expenses associated with attending NDEO’s Annual National Conference in Chicago this November.

Graduate Student Conference Scholarship (in honor of Ann Zirulnik) in the amount of $300.

Undergraduate Student Conference Scholarship in the amount of $300.

Students must first be registered for conference and have already paid the conference registration fees before applying for these scholarships. The scholarship is presented to the student in the form of a check that is presented to the student at conference. For specific information and guidelines please visit the NDEO website at mclaineg), Director for Student Programs and Awards.

Follow this link to access the conference scholarships online application form:

Melissa Greenblatt
NDEO Director of Marketing


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