ELAH Productions – CALL FOR CHOREOGRAPHERS: Raise the Bar

Performance: October 19, 2014

Submission Deadline: July 1, 2014


Go beyond your comfort zone. Change the status quo for what is presented on the stage.

We are looking for concepts that push the envelope, get the audience to think and most importantly feel you as an artist. The music, your performers, the characters, costumes, and choreography all play important roles; they should be well thought out. Have us wanting more once your piece has left the stage.

Q1 How long the video should be? Does the performance have length limit (like most of showcase limits a performance within 5, 6, or 10 minutes depending on number of performances, purpose of events)
A1. Performance length should be no longer than 7 minutes

Q2 What is the genre of dance? Any genre or specifically hip hop/urban style or fusion?
A2. Genre varies, that is totally at the choreographers discretion. They should understand I am looking for out of the box concepts; music choices, fusing styles, ideas that the audience wont expect to see. I’m trying to challenge us to step outside our comfort zones when creating; not the usual contemporary, ballet, Hip- Hop, etc. choreo. Someone can bring ballroom if they’d like!

Q3 Is this for solo performance or group performance? or both?
A3. At choreographers discretion. Do keep in mind the space may be A small black box stage or small theatre.

Q4 if you already have idea, is the venue a big theater or a middle size black box theater or a club with small stage?
A4. Small Black Box theatre or small performance theatre

Q5 Does video have to be taken newly only for this submission? or could they submit videos of their past performances?
A6. No, it can be past performances, but know whatever work you submit should be the work performed the night of the event.


Raise the Bar is a celebration of all the talent that makes up the DMV dance performance scene and it’s surrounding areas. Dancers and dance enthusiast will gather under one roof for the love and passion of dance, the freedom of creativity and expression, and to support the progression of the art. Its mission is to highlight the choreographers’ vision while promoting positivity, growth, and unconventional approaches. Raise the Bar will offer a space for choreographers, dancers, studio directors, and other members of the industry to network and support each other, hopefully, making connections that will assist those involved in building relationships beyond the event, foster collaboration on future projects, and bring together artists that may never have had the opportunity to work with or experience one another. For detailed information about submitting your videos, please email: 

 All genres are welcome.

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