Conference for Dance Kinesiology Teachers

Conference for Dance Kinesiology Teachers
With Special Guest: Karen Clippinger
June 20-22, 2014
At Lindenwood University – Department of Dance – St. Charles, Missouri

Do you teach dance kinesiology or anatomy for dancers? Would you like to meet other dance science educators and collectively brainstorm about teaching pedagogy, sharing success stories and challenges?

Several years ago, the Dance Kinesiology Teachers’ Group was established to help teachers share teaching strategies, educational resources and meet other educators integrating dance with science and somatics. We are gathering again this summer 2014 for a conference to share teaching insights. The conference will be studio-based, include discussion and movement sessions, and emphasize interaction. We welcome your proposals.

To register or submit a proposal, please access the Dance Kinesiology Teachers’ Group Registration page on the Lindenwood University Dance Department website:

Deadline for Submissions – March 7, 2014
Deadline for early registration – April 18, 2014
Registration Fees:
Prior to April 18, 2014: $100 ($80 for presenters, $40 for students)
After April 18, 2014: $130 ($110 for presenters, $70 for students)

For more information contact Tricia Zweier: tzweier

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