John Booth’s Arts Biz – DANCE STUDIO SALES

Job Posting
John Booth’s Arts Biz – DANCE STUDIO SALES

Part-time, on going, Mon-Sat 10AM – 8PM

PO Box 224
Washington, DC 20020

Professional freelance marketing executive seeking strong sales reps to call on dance studios or schools and set appointments for free consultation. JBA Biz services include: direct marketing, business development, financial programs, graphic design, social media management, production management, ticket sales and grant writing. Offer this service for a very affordable price to dance studio owners who do not have the resources to compensate a full time marketing position, but needs these services to boost their clientele and overall brand.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to John Booth

Please visit to learn more about what I offer. This is a part time 1099 position, compensating $50 per new account.

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